The Cleaner Latest Episode: Season 2, Episode 11 - 'Standing Eight'

William helps a boxer who's an alcoholic, and the team realizes the man's wife also has an addiction, but the boxer threatens William, telling him to stay away from his wife.

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Sep 2, 2009 9:39PM EDT

I really enjoy this show until this one. The show has a reality based theme. However, the Black guy they have casted as the Boxer is one of the worst actors I have ever seen. He is not believable in any scene that he is in. In one of his first scenes, with his wife, he embraces her for a tender moment-all I could think was he is acting... I tried to determine if it was just me, but seeing it over three times, I still see him acting in every scene he is in. It seemed to bring down all the other cast members acting skills. I know this sounds funny. But some people can't act! Period. And he is one of those people. I am wondering if any one elese found this to be true for them?

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