Sundance Review: "The Company Men" Review

We live in uncertain times in this recession-filled America. This world of corporate greed and those who are tragic victims are sharply explored in "The Company Men", an impressive directorial debut by one time television producer John Wells.

This powerful Wells-scripted drama centres on Bobby Walker [Ben Affleck], a hot-shot sales executive who is living the idyllic life with the fat pay check, the beautiful wife, member of the local golf club, two kids and the proverbial suburban mortgage. Out of the blue he becomes a victim of corporate downsizing.

His boss, and founder of the company, [a stellar performance from Tommy Lee Jones] doesn't take Bobby's severance well, and he storms into the boardroom to demand a reprieve of the severe measures, but as he will discover, some things are out of his control especially when it comes to appeasing shareholders.

It was inevitable that a film would be made that explores this new corporatised, Wall Street infested new America, and Wells' own frustrations and anger has been thoughtfully explored in this insightful, well executed drama. As a writer, Wells has fashioned a script that not only reflects on the desperation of unemployment, but takes his central character on a journey of self-discovery to ask the question: What is important in life and what are my priorities?

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