THE OFFICE "St. Patrick's Day" Review Season 6, Episode 19

What did you think of tonight's episode of THE OFFICE, "St. Patrick's Day"?

Meridith never ceases to amaze me. St. Patrick Day appears to be the one day out of the year where she dresses and acts like a lady, unlike most days when she dresses and acts like a lady of the night. Kevin had the best St. Patrick's day outfit for sure, although it was fun to see Stanley getting in on the festivities with his green tie. Why the heck was Andy wearing a kilt? Those are Scottish. I couldn't stay mad at him though because he made a really cute HIMYM reference.

Okay, did I hear this wrong, or did Michael actually say "Good morning honey pile" to Jo? I was getting upset with Michael tonight. First he acted creepy by booking a trip to Florida, and then he wasn't very cool to Daryl, but he redeemed himself somewhat by the end of the show. I wish Jo was in every episode, she plays that part so freaking well that it makes me want to move to Tallahassee. Was anybody else out there excited for Daryl and his promotion? I really hope he stays upstairs because that means he'd probably be in more episodes. The show needs more Daryl in my opinion!

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Mar 12, 2010 10:09PM EST

Only part I liked was Michael saying how big a deal St. Patricks day is in Scranton. (I live right near it and I'm spending it there and yeah it is a pretty big deal) and Andy's HIMYM speech. Rest was meh. Megadesk was chuckle worthy but too ridiculous.

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