Episode Recap: "Julia"

Everyone's got something to hide in this episode of Brothers & Sisters, but before the hour winds up, most everybody's secrets are out of the bag, for better or for worse. Kitty continues her "emotional affair" with "hot park guy" Alec, but her puppy love ends up hurting her, physically and emotionally. In Tommy's absence, Julia faces foreclosure on her house, but is too afraid to tell Kevin and Nora why she can't accept their help. And weasel-y Ryan weasels his way into a job and weasel-y Holly's good graces by becoming her mole (thought I was going to say weasel didn't you?) on the Ojai board, but only tells Rebecca. All that, plus (two!) stuffed ponies, some airbag burns and even some tears lie ahead in this week's recap.

Ah, the recession. Makes for lovely TV drama, doesn't it? Since Tommy always handled the books - and by handling I mean funneled money into his elaborate embezzlement/take over Ojai scheme - Julia learns in his absence that her house is being foreclosed upon by the bank. Never fear, Kevin the PR man/lawyer is here. (And, of course, throw in a little bit of Nora's overeager support.) Kevin vows to work things out with the bank, but Julia must get a job, even though everywhere she has looked isn't hiring teachers. Nora says she will put in a word for her to be the new tutor at the cancer center, and Kevin takes out a loan to stop the foreclosure, much to Scotty's chagrin. Scotty (rightly) assumes that this is yet another part of Kevin's desire to stay connected with his daughter Elizabeth, since he can't physically be her dad. (See the second stuffed pony and beaming smile he generally gets around Elizabeth as evidence.)

Kevin presents Julia the check, and she is flattered but balks when Nora says the job at the center is hers. Julia asks for a night to think it over, but as Kevin and Nora let themselves out, they see plane tickets to Phoenix and instantly assume Julia has taken her parents up on an offer to move back home with them. When Nora blurts out this theory, Julia proves its falsehood, only to drop another bombshell: She's moving to Seattle where a friend got her a job. Nora and Kevin protest, but all of their arguments revolve around little Elizabeth. "You Walkers are so supportive until things don't go your way," Julia says. "It's clear that it's only Elizabeth you want to keep."

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