'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: One's Injured, Another Goes Home Episode 6

I honestly do not know how to start my recap for this week's Survivor: Heroes vs Villains. I could start by talking about the vote resting on the hands of one person last week. I could talk about the circumstances leading to that. Or I can vote about what is perhaps the oddest reward in the show's history. Regardless, I still have a recap to do, so... here's your recap!

Dragon Slayer chi: I wouldn't be surprised if Coach releases a meditating DVD after this season. "My own special form of meditation and movement," he proudly says to his students--err, the rest of the Villains tribe--as they do the motions to focus on the next challenge.

Well, not everybody. Russell was not with the pack, choosing to look for the hidden immunity idol. "I've been digging at this thing for two days straight," he said. And, in that very spot he was digging in, he found the idol, nestled against the tree.

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