Episode Recap: "Rose's Turn"

Hey, Mary Alice! What's Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives about? "Everyone has something they want to keep hidden," she says. Orson is hiding his role in Edie's death. Lynette and Tom are hiding their respective perceptions of infidelity. And Dave is still hiding his true intentions when it comes to Mike, Katherine, Susan and now... M.J.?


Meet Rose Kemper, who Mary Alice tells us is a survivor, but who we know is the lady who whacked Orson over the head with a baseball bat when he was trying to steal her knick-knacks. She has a heart attack after the incident, and Katherine visits her in the hospital. Rose is kind of batty (see what I did there?), so when she tells Katherine that Death himself came for her, but that she chased him away, and that he went and took Edie Britt instead, Katherine is naturally a little skeptical.

Orson is in the hospital as well because of the aforementioned Louisville slug. He told the doctor that he tripped and hit his head on the curb, which is obviously a totally fishy story, and the doctor knows it. Bree is hesitant about his return home, since, you know, he's a klepto now, but - good news! - Orson has decided to be happy, so everything will be fine. "I hope so," Bree says ominously. "I can't take any more lying." Can you guess what happens next?

Before Orson deals with Bree, though, he still has to clear up this whole Rose Kemper mess, since she saw him without his ski mask. He very easily convinces their shared doctor that Rose has dementia, and just like that, the doctor is shipping her off to a nursing home. Poor Rose!

But Orson has an unseen obstacle as well: Andrew, who tells Bree that he doesn't think that Orson can change, and that he's going to have a divorce lawyer on standby. "I did not raise you to be bitchy," Bree lectures. "No, you raised me to be passive-aggressive; the bitchiness was self-taught," he snarks.

Back at the hospital, on the day Orson is being released, Katherine tells Bree Mrs. Kemper's story about the Grim Reaper trying to steal her knick-knacks. Bree obviously recognizes "Death" as Orson, and in short order she's standing on Andrew's doorstep with this news: Orson is lying and she has to divorce him.

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