Showdowns Soon to Occur on 'Smallville'

The CW has announced that this season of Smallville will wrap up on May 14. That means, there's still plenty of time to watch Clark battle the evil that will take over Metropolis. But there are a couple of more exciting things lined up ahead for the series, especially now that it's been renewed for another run.

Word has it that there will be a couple of major showdowns on the upcoming episodes of the long-running show. We're pretty sure you already know about two characters who will be facing off once again, but there's another pair getting ready for an epic fight.

Spoilers below!

First off, we're pretty sure about Clark (Tom Welling) having to face Zod. It's inevitable, and Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly points out that it's "rather spectacular." Well, we wouldn't expect less of these two.

Callum Blue has been portraying the tyrannous Zod really well so far, so it won't be a surprise to see him take on Clark soon. Their showdown is bound to happen right before the end of the season. Hopefully, we won't get any major cliffhangers when that occurs (but we doubt it).

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