'How I Met Your Mother' Season 5, Episode 22 - 'Robots Vs. Wrestlers' Recap

First we had "Girls Vs. Suits," now we have "Robots Vs. Wrestlers." I guess Bays and Thomas are in a very confrontational mood this season; either that or they're riffing off the standard title format of their Monday at 8PM rival show, 'Chuck.' Not sure.

Title repetition aside, this week we had an episode that was silly, no doubt about it. Almost over-the-top silly. But it had enough laughs, and told enough story, to make it a pretty decent episode. Is it one of the season's best? No. But sometimes you hit a double instead of a homer. This one was more like a double and a steal of third base.

What made the episode was the fact that Ted finally admitted that he can be a bit of a douche. It's something that the fans have been thinking for all these years, but Ted has been blissfully unaware of. Mainly because, via devices like fart noises, the gang has kept his douchiness from getting out of control. But amongst "his people" (i.e. pretentious snobs and Will Shortz), the douchiness goes unfettered.

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