'Castle' - 'Overkill' Recap Season 2, Episode 23

As much as I adore Nathan Fillion and Rick Castle, I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for him. He's been around Beckett day in and day out, and hasn't made his move. Eventually, she's going to find a hot robbery detective to fool around with. That's just science. Castle can bust out the hurt puppy-dog eyes as much as he wants, but he should take a page from his own book and make a move.

In 'Heat Wave,' the Beckett and Castle characters were doing it by page 125. Castle should apply a little bit of that to his own life and make it happen if seeing Beckett with someone else bothers him so much. Although, seeing Beckett and Demming together bothers me as well -- mainly because Demming looks like a wax statue. I'm always half expecting his face to just start melting off in the interrogation room.

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