The 4400 Season 1, Episode 3 : Becoming - Recap

Jordan Collier breaches the government's wall of silence when he speaks out to 'put a human face on the 4400'; Maia begins to settle in with Diana and she makes them both breakfast.

There is speculation that a 4400 (Oliver Knox) is a serial killer; Tom and Diana visit the Friday Harbor sheriff's department to find out more about Knox, then question him.

Nikki visits the hospital and bumps into Shawn. Kyle is still in intensive care, but stable.

Richard, Lily and Shawn visit a psychologist to talk about their families. Danny visits Tom to tell him about Shawn's 'ability'. Shawn returns to the lake to see where they came back to and think. Several other 4400s are at the lake as well. Jordan Collier arrives and suggests a get-together for 4400s.

Oliver Knox begins taking pictures of women. Two men confess to the original killings and the recent murders, Tom and Diana speculate that Knox may be able to influence people to kill.

Maia shares her thoughts on the future with her babysitter and scares her away. Shawn contemplates his abduction and Linda questions him.

Richard is asked to interview for a job in security for the 4400 the following day. Richard takes the job with Collier.

Another letter is sent to Knox's sheriff department, this time it is believed to be a real letter from the killer.

Dennis shadily meets a television news producer, who has produced several anti-4400 reports. Ryland demands that Barbara Yates be taken off of coverage of the 4400.

Tom and Diana capture Oliver Knox about to kill Felicia. Tom, Diana and Marco speculate on the The ripple effect, particularly as to what ripples a serial killer would cause.

A list of the names and addresses of the 4400 is leaked. Kyle awakens from "the dark".

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