'Supernatural' Season 5, Episode 20 Recap: Where's your moose? And where's Pestilence?

It's that time of year: time to beg for an extension. Once upon a time, I did it for research papers, and now, I'm going to do it for Supernatural. There's just far too much work for our boys to do in two episodes, and I think it might be a little overwhelming (both for them and us viewers). Admittedly, there have been episodes wasted on filler and funny - and there's nothing wrong with that. But Sam and Dean now find themselves in a precarious position: They have two episodes to get their calloused man hands on two more of the horsemen's rings, lure Lucifer back into his cage, and stop those around them from making big mistakes. It's not enough time! But because 11th-hour additional episode orders don't happen too often (and by that I mean never), let's assume we're stuck with only two episodes to wrap all this up and enjoy the sure-to-be-intense ride ahead.

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