The 4400 Season 1, Episode 4 : Trial By Fire - Recap

Out of his coma, Kyle returns home, but has difficulty adjusting. Tom visits a very popular Shawn who explains how Kyle awoke; Tom wants Shawn to let NTAC study his ability.

Richard and Lily return home from a movie. As Richard opens the door, Lily suffers severe baby pains. Hearing a click, Richard jumps and pushes Lily out of the way of an exploding fire-bomb.

Diana questions Tom about Kyle; Nikki questions Shawn. Jordan gives Richard and Lily a house. Warren Lytell from Homeland Security comes to NTAC to 'nudge things along' with a more aggressive approach. Kyle tries to remember, while Tom consults Diana on the ripple effect. Shawn visits Kyle to talk to him, but Kyle has little time as he needs to read.

Dennis Ryland finds 'dirt' on journalist Barbara Yates and uses it against her to get her arrested. Maia is asked not to come back to school the following day due to the bombings. Another 4400, Mary Deneville, is killed when a bomb is planted in her truck. Tom and Diana are questioned by Ryland's visitor.

Lily comes to see Collier about a meeting she is holding and reminds him that she and Richard are in love. Kyle begins to exhibit even stranger behaviour when he draws a map. Shawn and Nikki visit the lake and kiss, and then proceed to have sex.

Diana finds the person who is perpetrating the bombings and discovers there is a truck bomb, heading for Shawn's house, but the van is a decoy and another van - the one loaded with a bomb - is heading for Collier's housing complex. Tom, Richard and several security guards and snipers successfully stop the bombers and stop the van from entering the complex.

Lytell visits the hospital to ask some questions about Kyle. Kyle knows and understands what is wrong with him: he's not Kyle Baldwin.

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