Community' Episode 22 Recap

Everyone up for a nonsensical babble battle please raise your hand. No? Okay, everyone who thinks last night's Community was saved by the pantsing gag, needed to nix the annoying high schooler plot line, and could have used guest star Lisa Rinna in a much more hilarious way raise your hand. Yes. That's more like it. Spoilers ahoy, Community members.

Jeff and Britta were heckled by a trio of high school ''werps' enrolled in college classes ('Schmitty!') and took it personally. Pierce was kicked out of the group after pantsing Shirley. And Abed enlisted the help of Troy in accomplishing a movie-centric list of tasks that would help him have the 'ultimate' first year of college. Rinna played the twerp leader's cougar mom, whom Jeff tried to woo, but she failed to deliver laughs to her full(-lipped) potential.

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