Episode Recap: "The Friendship Algorithm"

Friendship doesn't come easily to Sheldon, and this week's episode is no exception, as Sheldon struggles to befriend a co-worker in order to gain access to his computer.

As the episode begins, we find the gang in the cafeteria where Raj and Sheldon are debating pudding. Raj insists that tapioca pudding is better than chocolate pudding, which isSheldon's favorite. (I have to agree with Sheldon here — nothing can beat chocolate pudding) After a lengthy reasoning from Sheldon, Kripke stops by the table and makes fun of Leonard's negative lab results. Sheldon eventually decides that he is going to be Kripke's friend, so he can use his high tech computer.

The next scene shows Leonard altering Penny's e-mail so all of Howard's emails go in the spam folder. While Leonard continues to de-Howard Penny's computer, Sheldon is on the phone leaving Kripke a voicemail, wondering why he is not returning his calls. This leads Sheldon to come up with an idea to create a questionnaire (a fairly "short" survey of 211 questions) about friendship in order to gain more insight on becoming Kripke's friend.

Sheldon and Leonard go to the library in order to find some books on the topic of friendship. Eventually, Sheldon finds himself in the children's section and sits down with a little girl named Rebecca. In what would normally be a very creepy scenario, Sheldon seems to be unaware of how strange it is to ask a little girl, "Would you like to hang out sometime?" Leonard finally sees what is going on and gets him out of the library. "Don't look at the cameras," he says.

Finally, Sheldon comes up with an Algorithm for meeting friends. Using his chart, he gives Kripke a call and eventually sets a date to hang out with him. The next scene finds Kripke and Sheldon going rock climbing. Looking at Sheldon with his helmet and wearing the rock climbing equipment makes him look really young. (It's hard to believe Jim Parsons is actually 35 years old.) Sheldon starts to climb the wall, and is actually doing a great job until Kripke reminds him that he is already half way up. Sheldon freezes. The stress is too much for him, and he completely passes out while hanging from his wire. Easily the funniest moment of the episode.

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Jan 21, 2009 5:10PM EST

nice recap.but I think, Sheldon passing out on the wall for the second time (last scene) puts another bit of fun to the first climbing-scene.Sheldon trying again to climb the wall was just hilarious.Especially with the comment "you got to give him respect for sticking with it"
Howards improvement of sheldons algorithm to avoid loops was great too.Especially because it makes sense, that a theoretical physicist might miss some practical problems, a technician is used to avoid.

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