The 4400 Season 1, Episode 5 : White Light - Recap

Kyle is in the hospital. Diana takes Maia out for the day and Maia questions what's normal; Diana replies that 'normal people just wish they were special like you.'

Tom offers to help Kyle look for whatever he is looking for, but Agent Lytell takes Kyle into custody of the government. Kyle reveals to his mother he knows where he has to go.

Tom points a gun to Lytell's throat trying to find out where his son is. Shawn and Nikki contemplate revealing their relationship and telling Danny. Lily goes for a check-up and has to have some amniotic fluid taken, discovering that Lily's baby carries the cell for sickle cell anaemia. Since the carrier gene of the disease is most commonly found in people of African origin, it's likely that one or both of the baby's parents are black. However, Lily concluded that the baby's father is black.

Tom and Linda plan Kyle's escape and where they will take him. Lytell questions Maia while Richard goes to talk to Collier, requesting he back off. Maia reveals to Tom that Kyle is the answer to everything. Diana and Tom break in and get Kyle who reveals he needs to go to Highland Beach, the place where Shawn disappeared.

Collier reveals something shocking to Lily about Richard's past. Richard reveals the truth about what happened to Lily.

Shawn almost kills Danny when Danny attacks him. Shawn leaves a distraught Nikki, and asks Collier if he can stay at the complex. Richard and Lily try to leave, but Jordan tries to stop them and in the process is put through excruciating pain when he touches Lily's womb.

Kyle returns to Highland Beach and remarks that he belongs there. Ryland and Lytell join Tom, Diana and Kyle at Highland beach, but he arrives there too late: Kyle begins some sort of ritual and light breaks out of his body. Tom jumps in and they are both brought together at the place where the 4400 were returned.

'Kyle' reveals to Tom that Kyle was supposed to be a channel, a way to communicate, to guide in the dealings of the returnees, but something went wrong. Shawn interrupted the process and that was why Kyle was put in a coma. 'Kyle' reveals that they are human and that they come from a different time, the future. 'Kyle' reveals that in his time humanity is dying out and that only those they took can prevent the catastrophe that will happen. The path to oblivion will begin in the present.

Kyle is then shot by Lytell and Tom's vision ends. Kyle bursts into a flash of light and is healed, returned to normal.

Six months later, Lily is about to give birth.

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