'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': No. 18 Candice Woodcock

We know what you're thinking... who? We've watched every season of "Survivor." Every single episode. We're not sure we can say that about 19 seasons of ANYTHING. And yet when the contestants were announced... we had no idea who Candice Woodcock was.

It turns out Candice is from "Survivor: Cook Islands," the 13th season of the show, which is the one where the contestants were divided up by race (for like two episodes, scandal!). It was also the first season with a final three instead of final two and it was the season that gave us Ozzy, Yul and crazy-blue-eyes Jonathan Penner, three of our favorite male "Survivor" contestants.

Candice was one of two contestants (along with Penner) to "mutiny." They left Aiutaki, the tribe that included the eventual Final Four (Sundra, Ozzy, Becky and Yul) and joined Rarotonga, the tribe that then got their collective butts kicked by the eventual Final Four.

Why do we think Candice is leaving so early? Because she's blah. She's unmemorable. And maybe that will get her far in the game, but we don't think so. This is a season of big guns and after the Heroes win a couple challenges, we think they'll falter in the next one and send a weak link home. Cirie and Sugar will be too well-liked and Stephenie and Amanda will be too strong. So Candice is gone.

Does anybody get the sense that "Survivor" had a hard time filling out all 20 spots with true Heroes or Villains? We think Tina Wesson, Kim Johnson, Neleh Dennis, Jenna Morasca, Lillian Morris, Twila Tanner, Scout Cloud Lee, or any number of other women could have been female Heroes tribe members instead of Candice.

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