Episode Recap: "Three Days of Snow"

Neither rain, sleet nor snow (or more like three days of it) is going to stop Barney and Ted from hooking up with college girls, but that white fluffy stuff may get in the way of a longstanding Marshall and Lily airport ritual. What's a mature couple to do?

Oh, show, you have perfect timing as always. As we here on the East Coast have our own icy storm, the gang treats us to three snow tales. But first — the backstories. Since spring break 1998, Marshall and Lily have upheld an airport reunion ritual — the traveler returns with a six-pack from where he or she was, while the other acts as chauffeur complete with hat and sign. But now, 11 years later, it's time to let it die because, as Marshall tells Ted, "We are a mature couple. As we mature, our relationship matures with us."

Ted (and Barney) are not quite as mature yet. After some strategic planning (using the "father figure" route), they score dates with two Arizona Tech college band chicks at MacLaren's for the following night — blizzard be damned. "It's snow problem," Ted says. Heh. Who had a flashback to Ted's "dad jokes"? And so now the Blizzard of '09 has commenced (raise your hand if you remember the Blizzard of '96!), and we're in for three days of snow and three amazing stories.

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