'The Closer' - 'Help Wanted' Recap - Season 6, Episode 2

'The Closer' is one of the rare TV dramas that can deliver both comic and serious episodes with success. This was one of the more serious episodes, the kind that would make an excellent Emmy submission. It had action, drama and suspense, to be sure. But it also had a fantastic finish. That's what I'll remember about this installment, even though at first it seemed like it was going to be more about Mary McDonnell's return as Captain Sharon Raydor.

Captain Raydor was back, working with Brenda and again driving her to distraction. We'd been told that McDonnell would be returning to 'The Closer,' so it was not surprising to see her. Of course, that doesn't mean that Brenda liked her any more this time around than last time. Although by the end of the episode, maybe Brenda was ready to reconsider the possibility that Raydor might be a friend after all.

Raydor was busy working on an internal affairs investigation, fact-finding about Chief Will Pope's qualifications to be the new head of the police department. Still, the questions definitely were Brenda-centric because of her history with Will. Brenda bristled, never guessing the real reason why Raydor was asking the questions ... and then inviting herself to go along with Major Crimes on their current case.

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