Getting Stupid and Impulsive on 'The Good Guys' (VIDEO)

Working with an ex-lover can really suck. (And on a personal note: your humble TV Squad blogger has worked with his ex-girlfriend, and it truly ... really ... sucked.) The latest episode of 'The Good Guys' (Mon., 9PM ET on Fox) deals with this very lame dilemma.

[Spoiler alert.]

Jack (Colin Hanks) is having some trouble with his ex-girlfriend Liz (played by Jenny Wade). The "trouble" is this: he's still in love with her, and she has a new boyfriend. So Jack decides to do something "stupid and impulsive." He rushes into Liz's office, grabs her in his arms, and plants a seemingly never-ending kiss on her lips.

No, Jack, no! Getting "stupid and impulsive" with a girl is always a bad way to go. Except for the approximately 5 percent of the time that it actually works out. So the question is this: will our young hero find new love with an old girlfriend?

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