'Lie to Me': Your Word Against Mine (VIDEO)

Deceit, murder, and (of all things) a stolen jewel-encrusted egg. We enter the tangled world of juvenile delinquents on 'Lie to Me' (Mon., 8PM ET on Fox).

[Spoiler alert.]

Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) is called in to investigate a series of crimes involving the delinquents. But of course, this being one of those TV procedural drama-type shows, the bad guy is going to be ... the last person that you would expect. So is the villain one of the kids who already have a criminal record? No -- of course not! Duh!

Rather, the bad guy is the entirely pleasant-seeming Deputy Warden Lane (Jessica Tuck) -- the woman who has sacrificed her entire life for the delinquents. But in reality, she's been forcing them to commit robberies, and then framing them.

Dr. Lightman gets to the bottom of things, getting information from one of the delinquent kids; enough info to put Warden Lane behind bars. But Ms. Lane proudly says that it doesn't matter: no one will ever believe the kid. "It's my word against [his]," she says.

Which is when Lightman reveals the final sting. He's been recording Ms. Lane all along. "No," he tells her. "It's your word against mine. You lose."

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