'Big Brother 11' Recap: The Shotgun is Aimed at Ronnie the Rat

Big Brother 11 picks up right where it left off with the HoH endurance competition. In the aftermath of the break-up of the cliques, Natalie was upset because she liked having two big strong men who could keep her safe by winning. Jessie's stupidity must be contagious because even though Jeff wasn't a part of her alliance, he was still a jock and if he won, she couldn't be nominated either.

Order of Elimination:

1st Out: Kevin, but he wins $5,000. Maybe he'll use it to buy a new wardrobe, because his furry pink vest is hideous.

2nd Out: Lydia, who voluntarily jumps off after her gay BFF is eliminated. For her weakness, she wins a 42 inch TV.

3rd Out: Ronnie the Rat, and he gets nothing, which makes me smile.

4th Out: Natalie, who falls after projectile vomiting for about an hour. She also gets nothing.

5th Out: Jordan, who wins the right to be a Have and to choose three other HGs to be Have-Nots for the week. Awesome, because payback's a bitch, and so is this delicious southern dumpling.

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