The Girls Next Door: Crystal Harris Getting Over Shyness

With fame and fortune comes the defeat of fear, as Crystal Harris is discovering on The Girls Next Door. Her face is still a fresh one on reality television, and viewers are still trying to get used to seeing her wrapped around Hef, along with the Shannon twins. On the other hand, this new No.1 girlfriend of the Playboy mogul is trying to get used to things herself.

It's almost a year since she first moved into the mansion, meeting Hugh Hefner in Halloween last year. However, Crystal Harris says she was shy at the time and was usually caught speechless despite her reality TV celebrity status. Now that she's approaching her and Hef's anniversary though, things have changed.

"Being able to overcome it is just like being thrown out there. I don't really have a chance to think about being shy and everything with the show," she told The Futon Critic.

It also helps that the people around her are so supportive. She doesn't even get jealous of the other girls in the mansion, such as her Girls Next Door co-stars Kristina and Karissa Shannon.

"It was pretty natural," Harris said about her transition. "Hef explained his lifestyle ahead of time so when I came in here I knew either I'd like it or not. I like it and love everyone around. It's a lot of fun with a lot of people."

Getting over her fears and insecurities was quite a process for Crystal Harris. She did pass the Playmate test, but it's going to take more than that if she wants to become a true Girls Next Door trooper.

"I did the Playmate test and I'm just learning how to just go for it and I just started singing lessons, too," she explained. "The best way of overcoming my fear is facing it so I've been doing a good job with that."

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