24 Episode Recap: 11:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M.

As hour four gets underway, Jack meets with Chloe and Bill face to face in an abandoned (though still pretty darn nice) building. And we discover just what a sad state of affairs the Counter Terrorist Unit has become:

Jack: "What do you call this place?"

Bill: "We like to think of it as CTU. What's left of it anyway."

More importantly, we discover that Tony hasn't been undercover the entire time after his supposed death - for three of those years, he was actually leading the terrorist group. Only when the stakes got too high did Tony decide that taking innocent lives (with the help of the CIP device) wasn't an acceptable part of his anti-government vendetta.

Shaken as Jack is by this information, he of course agrees to work with "CTU" to help bring down the terrorists - wouldn't be much of a 24 season if Jack spent the rest of it in FBI custody or filibustering in the Senate, would it?

Once Tony and Jack have worked their way back undercover (which involves the now-standard "boss shoots his own henchmen to show how evil he is" gag), the first task they're given is to pick up a "package" from the State Department. And that human-shaped package is former Sengala Prime Minister Matobo (Isaach De Bankolé).

Meanwhile, Henry Taylor continues investigating his son Roger's murder - and I continued not to care about this subplot, until its link back to the main terror plot was revealed. It turns out Roger might have been killed because he discovered a senior member of President Taylor's administration was involved in shady financial dealings in Sengala.

On the FBI front, it looks like agent Renee Walker picked up some torture tips from her brief stint with Jack. As suspect Alan Tanner (Dameon Clarke) lies bedridden in the hospital, Walker brutally interrogates him, first by pressing her gun into his still-bleeding wound, and then by closing off the tubes of his ventilator ("I suggest you use your last breath wisely," she advises.).

But she gets what she needs - crucial intel about the terrorists' immediate plans - and Matobo is put on security lockdown, which certainly will make it a lot more difficult for Jack and Tony to abduct him. Though not impossible, because after all, this is Jack Bauer, who as the episode closes is taking a golf club to the walls separating him from Matobo. As always with 24, it's only a matter of time.

Stray Observations:

* Apparently the duties of "first husband" involve helping President Taylor put on a gold bracelet, nope, nothing emasculating about that.

* Now that Jack is in the unpleasant position of helping the terrorists with the small stuff in order to discover the big picture, just how far is he willing to go? Would he have used that machine gun he was toting on Matobo's guards if it had come to that?

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