Dexter starting to slide...

I don't want to even say this, because I really, really love this show: But Dexter is starting to slide this season.

Angel, Rita, and Lt. LaGuerta have all become one dimensional. Debra has become a walking police stereotype and Angel is completely out of his element as a boss figure. I've never liked LaGuerta's character because it's so stereotypical female lieutenant.

It's like the director and writers had a simultaneous stroke.

The plot points are still there and that keeps me watching the show. But what happened to Matsuka's weird sense of humor? Why is Debra so freaking focused on her badge. How stereotypical is it to take a picture and "Have you seen this woman?" (And don't get me started on the transvestite prostitute thing) And who is the magic internal affairs woman who keeps popping up out of nowhere even when Deb is just randomly looking for someone?

The writers need to rewatch the first 2 seasons...that's all I'm saying...


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