Smallville: Preview of Episode 9.13 "Persuasion"

Valentine's Day sounds way more exciting when there's mind control involved. Such is what's up on tonight's episode of Smallville, when Clark (Tom Welling) gets the ability to convince people to do what he wants just by saying so.

It's going to be quite a laugh as "Persuasion" shows us a different aspect of the Clois romance. Our hero gets affected by a peculiar form of gemstone Kryptonite, which has magical properties of wish fulfillment. Things are going to get interesting here, seeing as how it gets Lois in a wedding dress.

While on a date with his girlfriend, Clark casually mentions that he wants a "more traditional" relationship with her. The Kryptonite takes effect, causing Lois (Erica Durance) to quit her job at the Daily Planet and move in with our Man of Steel. Worse, she gets way too excited and begins to plan their wedding.

Obviously perplexed by what's happening, Clark heads out and talks to Chloe (Allison Mack) instead. He still isn't aware of his powers though. Later on, he tells his friend that he wants her to spend more time looking out for him.

Chloe gets infected, taking Clark's words to heart. She zeroes in on any threats that may come his way, which means the worst for any of them. Unfortunately, she also blindly believes that the one person she has to protect him from is Lois.

You can find the trailer for the new Smallville episode below, and it's certainly quite a sight. Lois dancing around all giddy for a wedding? Priceless.

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