'Melrose Place': Daphne Zuniga returns - Recap ( Season 1, Episode 7)

Last night on "Melrose Place," Daphne Zuniga is back as Jo Reynolds, fashion photographer.

Riley, Ella & Jonah

Riley goes on her photoshoot and Jonah goes to a sit-down with a producer (Andrew) from when they chatted up Charlie at the premiere of "Kensington Squared" three weeks ago. At the shoot, Riley has on the cutest purple top with her jeams. She looks gorgeous. And Jo Reynolds is her photographer. Who immediately tells her to lose her top. I hope she starts crying like Coco in "Fame." Awesome. Ella has to talk Riley down from the ledge and they bond.

However, Jo needs her to get emotional and raw for the shoot, so after Riley drops her top Jo starts in with how nobody wants to teach public school and her fiance is a loser who can't pay the bills and whatnot. Riley storms off the set, yelling at Ella that she doesn't trust her. Ella says that it says a lot about Riley's home life if she'd give up 10K for an ego bruise.

At Jonah's meeting, Andrew wants to completely change his entire film around. Luckily, the producer's development girl (Kendra) wants to do "Living in Reverse" just the way it is. They bond over his movie and the fact that they're both from Philly and have a love of the same movie theatre. She invites him to "work on their pitch" for Andrew at a bar. Hmmm.

Jo brings Ella the pictures from the shoot. When Jo calls Riley a sell-out, Ella fires right back that Jo is also a sell-out, for trading in the refugee camps for a twelve-page spread in Vogue. Jo comes to see Riley at the complex and can't believe she lives at her old building! What a coinky-dink. Jo says she's leaving to be a photo-journalist again and Riley admits she is closed off. Jo then tells her that her last shot had such raw emotion that Anton went nuts and she's the new face for Anton V. Jeans.

Auggie & Violet

Violet comes upon Auggie and Riley looking at some sparrows that came back to the MP complex to nest. Violet looks so jealous that Auggie and Riley have a "thing" that I half-expect the nest to burst into flames when she stares at it. Anyway, she asks Auggie to help her put some furniture together and he agrees to come by after work.

Except after work, he spies Riley all upset after the photoshoot and runs over to comfort her. Violet looks murderous. Riley and Auggie talk and when she reveals she took off her top, Colin Egglesfield gives these hilarious elevator eyes to Riley then asks, "How'd that go?" It was hilarious.

When Jonah gets home, Violet spills to him that Riley is at Auggie's. When Riley leaves to get supper, Jonah confronts Auggie, all jealous and angry. Auggie insists that they're just friends. Jonah is a total douchebag about it, wanting Auggie to 'fess up. So Auggie says Riley kissed HIM, not the other way around. Except that's not what Jonah was talking about. Oops.

Jonah comes home and tells Riley that he doesn't care about the money, he cares about the truth. She denies it up and down and he leaves to get some air. Auggie heads over to Violet's to offer her some help (after totally ditching her earlier, which was crappy).

Speaking of crappy, someone hosed the bird's nest down off the eave. Was it Jonah or Violet? Hmmm. Speaking of Jonah, he "goes for a walk" and meets up with Kendra from Paramount.

Lauren & David

David sees Lauren's "past due" tuition notices and asks how much she needs. She says $20,000 and he says he can loan it to her, no interest. Well, this ought to put her in a nice complicated spot between her boss and her friend. Meanwhile, he pays a cop for some house blueprints for his next heist.

Lauren comes by to take him up on the loan and while she's there, she spies his blueprints for a Beverly Hills mansion. She worries that he's in trouble so naturally she follows him to said mansion and busts him for stealing jewelry. At home, they fight about his thievery. He seems to think it's okay because they're all white-collar jerks like his father. Lauren says she'll keep quiet but he isn't going to do it again.

Just then, she gets a text from Wendi about a job. How do things look from the moral high ground, Lauren? I mean, being a ho isn't exactly the same as being a thief because it's just you, not somebody else you're hurting and blahblahblah bothfelonycakes.

Thoughts & Tidbits

* Don't you all wish Lauren and David would become a heist team, a la Bonnie and Clyde? I really do.

* So who demolished the bird's nest? I think no matter how mad Jonah was that he wouldn't do that. My money's on Crazy-Eyes.

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