'The Amazing Race' recap: Taxi! Season 16, Episode 8

One profession trumps all others in cinema history: the noble art of driving a cab. You've got Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver, the best New York movie ever made, and Michael Mann's Collateral, the best Los Angeles movie ever made. Bruce Willis had his best role and worst hair playing the air-cabbie protagonist in The Fifth Element. And then, of course, there's the single most important film to come out of Hollywood in the '80s: D.C. Cab.

I was meditating on these great films during last night's episode of The Amazing Race, which formed an hourlong ode to the impressive skill and cruel power of cab drivers. Every team's performance last night was due, in small and large parts, to how talented their drivers were. Some cabbies knew the quickest route to everywhere in Penang. Some cabbies were loyal. Some cabbies got lost. And one cabbie picked a deeply inappropriate time to stop for gas. Michael put it best: One bad cab driver can cost you a million dollars. Before the night was over, one bad cab driver kind of did.

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