Recap The Young and the Restless: Friday, July 2, 2010

Chance is shocked when he learns that Chloe is moving in with Kevin. Chloe learns Chance and Heather are sharing a studio apartment. After Kevin goes to bed, Chloe creeps back across the hall to spy on Chance and Heather. Later, Heather opens up to Chance about her inability to trust men because of Adam and Paul. Chance comforts Heather as Chloe tries to listen out in the hall and Kevin busts her on it. Meanwhile, Heather and Chance have an electric moment when the sheet between them falls.

Sharon goes to see Nick for the first time since her trip to Brazil and Nick’s reaction to seeing her makes her realize that Phyllis may not be entirely wrong to resent them. Later, Nick demands that Sharon reveal what happened between her and Adam in Brazil. Sharon informs Nick that Adam was shot at and it scared her. Nick wonders why the prospect of Adam dying scared Sharon.

Victor finds Adam in his room banging his head against the wall. Later, Adam finally drops his “crazy” act with Victor. Michael and Victor find Owen at the club and give him a copy of Dr. Fowler’s evaluation of Adam. Meanwhile, Adam watches Patty go ballistic and the orderly tries to restrain her. Owen informs Michael and Victor that he is filing charges against Adam, but he is still going forward with Nick’s trial. Meanwhile, the guard at the jail tells Nick that Adam will soon be joining him. Adam pushes to put the next phase of his plan into motion.

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