Recap The Young and the Restless: Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mac informs J.T. that Lily wants Mac and Cane to raise the twins together if she doesn’t survive the cancer. Meanwhile, Cane and Neil hope for another miracle as Lily prepares to start her treatment from the babies’ stem cells. Later, Lily begins her treatment with her family by her side.

Abby tries one last time to convince Daniel to be on the cover of Restless Style with her, but he passes. Abby makes a scene at the photo shoot causing Billy to call it off. Later, Daniel convinces Abby that what she is doing is over the top. Abby will only do the new cover with Daniel.

Adam demands Billy get Rafe to be his lawyer if he wants his story. Owen gives a press conference and intends to hold both Newman sons accountable for the death of Hightower. Later, Victor informs Michael to find the most incompetent public defender in Genoa City and get him assigned to Adam’s case. Owen and Paul learn that Patty and Adam where in the mental hospital at the same time. Adam meets Kreidler, his sloppy public defender and immediately fires him after a five-minute conversation. After talking to Patty, Owen informs Paul that she knew everything about the night Adam was killed. Michael overhears him and demands Owen release Nick.

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