'Project Runway' recap: 'Here she is, boys!' Season 7, Episode 11

What a positively ka-ka-karazy episode we got last night, Runway friends. A shocking departure, a heroic return, a model's exit, a workroom flashing of mammaries, a trouble-comes-in-threes design snafu, an abundance of Tim Gunn, a double win, a sad elimination - Jeezwow, was it ever a night of action. It was like the old Runway of yesteryear. And I loved every minute of it. You won't find me griping   la Mila that all the workroom commotion was just a big ole pain in the rear. Oh no, it's a distraction to my recapping art! Hardly. Not even the fake-out silliness with Heidi turning out to be the 'difficult' celebrity client dulled my buzz.

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