Recap The Young and the Restless: Friday, July 9, 2010

Owen asks the court to take Patty to the mental health hospital. Paul tries to plead on Patty’s behalf, but Patty asks Paul to stop fighting for her because she is guilty. Later, Paul pushes Patty to the edge by recounting Emily and Jack’s love in order to prove that her confession coerced.

Victor addresses the media and condemns Adam. Nick thanks his family for all their support in front of the camera, but especially Phyllis for steadfast love. Meanwhile, Adam confesses to Sharon what really happened the night of the ball. Later, tensions rise between Nick and Phyllis as Sharon informs Nick she went to see Adam. The judge rules that Patty is not competent to make a confession. As the judge is asking Adam his plea, Skye jumps and announces that he is not guilty. Phyllis confesses to Nick that she is done.

Billy is confronted by a furious Victoria about the newest cover of Restless Style. Victoria informs Billy that whatever is going on between them is officially over. At the press conference, Victoria shows the family the new Restless Style cover. Meanwhile, Abby informs Billy that she trusted him, but Billy refuses to apologize. Later, Victor explodes on Billy and he smashes the light-box with Abby’s cover. Victoria arrives just as Victor is about to hit Billy and yells that she loves Billy.

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