'The Bachelorette's' Craig McKinnon: 'Honestly, I wasn't that into Ali'

Craig McKinnon from Toronto was one of the more polarizing figures on Ali Fedotowsky's "Bachelorette" season -- and he was only there two episodes! Find out what he has to say about his bullying ways, his disinterest in Ali and who he thinks are the best matches for her.

On his bullying in the house:

The situation with Jonathan the Weatherman ... I was not serious at all saying these thigns. I was totally joking and having a good time. I think Jonathan may be a little uptight. Probably a really good guy, but he took a few things too serious ... There was only one other incident in the house. I had a brief argument with Jesse and the next morning we both apologized to each other, I thought it was inappropriate behavior ... The one thing that I kind of regret is just the brief episode with Jesse and I in the kitchen. I wasn't too proud of that point.

On his conversation with Ali right before the Rose Ceremony:

When she asked me about the "dangerous" part ... it shocked me that he would use a word like that, I found that offensive because I was totally joking. I was shocked he went and told Ali. And then she asked if I even liked her ... I didn't really have a quick answer. Honestly, I wasn't that into Ali and I think you could see that from the beginning.

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Jun 3, 2010 7:27PM EDT

UGH!! Why take the spot of someone who could have been her "true love" on the show if your "not all that into her" ???? People like that irritate me, she was heartbroken at the "bachelor" thing, NOW she has him saying that he wasn't all that into her????
That's not cool.. I agree with what Jake said on the bachelor. "If you are not interested in a long term commitment, there's the door, just let me know your leaving" and he made no bones about it... If he didn't think that girl was right... she left when he found out, not just one per week, there was one week that 3 girls went home.. I hope Ali follows his example on that.

Default avatar cat

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Jun 4, 2010 2:46AM EDT

Craig is talking a bunch of bs. He was into the Ali but the thing is, he couldn't carry on a conversation. Once she brought up the information she had been told, he clammed up and couldn't find his way out of a paperback. But I agree with you, if you're not interested in her, leave once you realize that.

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