House Episode Recap: "Broken"

The two-hour Season 6 premiere of House picks up right where we left of last season after Dr. House suffers from multiple hallucinations - including one where he had sex with Cuddy - and enters Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital. Now a patient himself, House must not only physically detox from the Vicodin, but mentally face his inner torments with the help of Mayfield's staff and patients. But since House is not much for following rules, the ornery doc fights the hospital's traditional treatment plan at every turn.

The episode begins with a disturbing sequence of House wincing in pain and vomiting on himself as his body withdraws from Vicodin. Once the drugs leave his system, he looks more like his old self and begins to pack his bags. He tries to leave (which technically he's allowed to do since he entered voluntarily), but Dr. Nolan (Andre Braugher), the hospital's chief of staff, recommends that he stay since he believes that House's issues run deeper than just Vicodin. House brushes him off with a sarcastic comment, but he quickly changes his tune when Nolan tells House he won't write him the recommendation needed in order for House to resume practicing medicine. House begrudgingly agrees to enter a therapy program and moves into his new home in Ward 6.

He first meets Dr. Beasley (Megan Dodds) - a chipper young doc who runs the ward. House, being the closed-minded man he is, tells Beasley right off the bat that he's going to make everyone's life there so miserable that their only choice will be to write him a recommendation just to get him out of their hair. Always with the first impression, that one.

House then meets his new roommate Alvie - a bipolar former Mayfield patient who's returned because he stopped taking his meds. Alvie compares himself to the "Woody Allen character in Annie Hall - but a Puerto Rican version and not as neurotic." Despite House's sardonic demeanor, Alvie (Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Tony-winning star and writer of Broadway's In the Heights) takes to his new roomie very quickly and begins to follow him around like a puppy dog. He has to be one of the most vivid characters we've seen on the show in a while.

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Sep 22, 2009 9:55PM EDT

HUGE problem with the ending - Wilson should have picked House up when he got out! After all of that you don't have him just get on a bus!

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