What's the Deal with Nate?

Oh, Nate Archibald. Remember the days not so long ago in Season Two of Gossip Girl when all your scenes consisted of liner notes on other people's scripts?

Nate exits. Nate re-enters, looks around the party, realizes no one cares. Nate exits.

Nate and Vanessa play Heart and Soul on the piano, giving each other mooneyes as Chuck descends the stairwell.

Chuck and Blair enter the hallway. Is that Nate in the background? Oh, no. That's a mop.

Nate and Vanessa make out in their private theater box while all the interesting stuff happens.

Well, no more bit-playing for you, young master Archibald. You're back in the big time, baby! You're the center of attention once more! The heartthrob! The man after which all the women are chasing nowadays! And, sorry you're also kind of a douchebag.

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Apr 1, 2009 1:13PM EDT

I LOLed at your description of Nates minor roles so far, very spot on. Although, a mop has more acting skills than Chase does, he is definitely one of the more gorgeous people on this show. I am all for keeping him in the background as just a pretty part of the scenery, where he doesn't open his mouth to remind us that is a dull douche.
Amendment: they can also keep him as a steady boyfriend of someone because that's when he is cutest. (ex. thanksgiving flashback & when alone with Vanessa)

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