Recap: "Dissolved"

Jimmy Castagen is at a party at Ron Saris' house where he brags about all the people he's killed. Ron tells him to be careful and Jimmy accuses him of talking to the police. Ron then pushes him in the pool, which is apparently not filled with water after all but some sort of acid. We watch this guy die a horrific death. The CSIs are on the scene, but there's no sign of Megan.

They determine it's not acid in the pool but rather highly concentrated Alkalai which needs to be neutralized with vinegar. Horatio is informed that Saris was the "witness" that called it in. Saris says he was the target and he didn't know the pool was filled with acid. He also says that he thinks Julia was the one targeting him because she blames him for the attack to her face.

They neutralize the pool and pull out the body. Eric takes a mysterious call. He later tells Calleigh it was the lab calling.

Travers determines the acid-like substance to be sodium hydroxide which when mixed with water boils and burns. They think it was put in through the pool's filtration system which is behind locked doors. They track down the pool cleaner who denies knowing about anything about it. He says his truck was broken into a few days ago and the master keys were stolen.

Horatio is trying to reach Julia when Kyle walks in. He says Julia has been calling her non-stop. Julia calls from Kyle's house and hangs up on Horatio. Horatio goes over to the house and confronts Julia and asks her if she threatened Ron. She won't answer and also says she doesn't need to be on her meds anymore.

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