Recap: "5:00 A.M.-6:00 A.M."

Clearly Renee has come around to Jack's way of doing things - before he sticks his finger in Tony's associate's neck wound (saw that coming as soon as Jack took the bandage off), he gives Renee fair warning: "You should leave the room." But Renee tells him, without even hesitating, "Do what you need to do." Larry would not be proud, Renee...

But, unlike what supposedly happens with torture in the real world, Jack eventually gets something useable - a call from the op to Tony so that Chloe and Janice can try to pinpoint his location. No dice on that count, though.

Turns out their location is a Metro station, where Tony has instructed Jibraan to take the Red Line into Washington Square and await further instructions. Of course, Jibraan has to try the "Call the police, a man is holding my brother hostage" routine with the ticket counter employees. And a cop does quickly appear - though he promptly tells Jibraan to "put the earpiece back in." Creepy "Big Brother" stuff right there. As Tony tells him, "We'll be watching. We're always watching."

Apparently Tony isn't watching his own back so well, though, as Jack and Renee are soon able to get the drop on him, ramming their SUV into his van. Gotta say, I didn't expect Tony to be nabbed until at least hour one of the finale - this seems awfully easy, and a little premature.

The police descend, followed by Jack, who grabs Tony and chokes him out, which must have been quite satisfying. Perhaps even more satisfying is the brutal beating Jack deals out after telling one of the cops to "walk away." What begins as a typical blows-to-the-face, "Where's the canister?" interrogation leads to the real heart of the matter for Jack: "Why did you betray me?" But even putting a gun to Tony's head doesn't bring forth any answers.

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