'Eureka' Season 4, Episode 9 (Mid-Season Finale) Recap

As with all good time travel stories, the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning. So it was back to the beginning for Carter and Dr. Grant, though the circumstances of their arrival were a little different, and under a situation that would have been heartbreakingly tragic if this wasn't 'Eureka.' Yes, 'Eureka' has done heartbreak before, but there's a light-hearted feel to the show that tells you when everything's going to be all right.

The writers even threw Jo a bone -- after nine episodes of one calamity after another, they gave her one moment of happiness before dashing it all away again. Or was it a moment of happiness at all?

Jo did finally come to terms with her feelings for Zane in the original timeline, realizing there was a reason she hesitated to say yes. This wasn't even her Zane. This Zane had a thing going on with Zoey and then he had to go and kiss her, though it did seem more a scientifically-inspired kiss. "Then how come that didn't feel like a first kiss."

People are starting to figure out what happened with the five time-shifted people. It looks like our dear Dr. Grant won't be around for the grand inquisition that is no doubt headed their way at the hands of Gen. Mansfield, but I'm hoping we haven't seen the last of him. His character was simply too much fun to have around for only half the season. At the same time, now that Allison has clearly made her romantic decision (It's about d*** time, too!), the stories that could be told with Dr. Grant are limited.

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