Work of Art 1.05 "Art That Moves You" Recap

Let me make this clear: I don't usually watch reality television. Sure, I might catch a few episodes of Hell's Kitchen or something like that, but it's certainly not appointment television for me. That is, except for Bravo's new show Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. When I caught the show in reruns last week, I was really drawn to it. Not because I believe that the show will live up to its title and produce the next great artist, but because watching people create art is always a lot of fun. The fact that everyone on the cast is both talented and a personality makes my interest twofold.

I've seen every episode save the first half of episode two, but that was all in the past week — which is why I'm starting my reviews a little late. If I had known this show existed before then, I might have had a more establishing piece for all the… uh… characters. Seeing as I don't, I'll just throw biographical details in where it seems necessary.

So this week's challenge was to create a work of art inspired by a drive through New York City in an Audi car, or inspired by time in an Audi showroom. The challenge really was as broad as it sounded, but still several contestants had works of arts that "didn't work."

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