Recap: Monday, May 11, 2009

The final four duke it out with two dances in the semifinals for a coveted spot in next week's finals. Did everyone bring their A-game? Find out below.

We're almost there, guys. Semifinals. Or as I like to call it, practice for Gilles, Shawn and Melissa. Sorry, Ty, I love you and all, but this gravy train needs to end. Just come back for DanceCenter, or you know, as co-host. Speaking of, Sam, what sacred Greek urn did you break to create that very unsupportive dress?

To fill up the unnecessary two hours, each couple will reflect on their best ballroom and Latin dances. Le sigh. They believe the foxtrot during Week 3 was Melissa's breakthrough because of her framework, and of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the samba. OK, let's get a move on, especially if you're not going to mention your wardrobe malfunction.

Gilles and Cheryl love their foxtrtot from last week. Cheryl notices his lack of rises and falls on the playback. You mean like a bride's nightie? They also like their Week 5 Paso Doble, aka Shirtless Gilles. Oh Cheryl, you lie! We did see Gilles shirtless again before the finale. Now they think it's all about performing. And being shirtless, of course.

Shawn thinks the quickstep last week was a turning point because her bubbliness shone through. She and Mark are adamant they the rule-breaking was worth it. But no more rule-breaking from now on. Aw, c'mon, don't be scurred. Make it a double! They pick their Paso Doble from last week as their Latin breakthrough because Shawn defied expectations with her aggressiveness.

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