The Comedy of Our Generation

The Office is an excellent, fresh show. It was inspired by the UK version created by Ricky Gervais, but it quickly became its own entity with only mild similarities to the slower paced British comedy. It has a humour and style not found in other shows. It contains the refreshing angle of being filmed as though it were a documentary so that the characters can frequently break the fourth wall, as well as offering hilarious little interviews throughout the episode.

I have repeatedly heard from other fans that in its fourth season, this show is losing its edge. Personally, I must greatly disagree. The characters are all as outrageous and endearing as ever, while the plot continues to make me laugh more than I have for any other show. I still find myself compelled to replay the opening scene to certain episodes - which usually have a prank being pulled by Jim, with Dwight as the victim; or one of those strange, but amusing events that come of working in an office. Some of them are simply too funny to resist getting another laugh out of by watching them.

While this show may not be for everyone, as with any experience, it's certainly one that I would recommend checking out. You may just fall in love with it, as I did.


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