Recap: "Both Sides Now"

This week in the season finale of Fox's House, the repercussions of what happened between House and Cuddy were, to say the least, unpredictable. Meanwhile, Cameron struggled to reassess her relationship with Chase. On with the recap!


"It's ... not ... me." So explains a patient apparently suffering from split-brain syndrome, in which the left and right spheres of his melon don't converse very well, if at all. The result: In mid-conversation, he'll fling a sourdough roll across a restaurant ... or slap his doting girlfriend. "My left hand hates me," gripes the patient. "Yeah, I think House will be interested," Taub says before passing along the perplexing case.

Conferring with the team, House shares his opinion that the "right brain is a mute loser," while Taub and Foreman fight for the dissed hemisphere.

Among the red-herring diagnoses along the way to resolution are pancreatic cancer (isn't it always a cancer?). But no cells are cancerous. The girlfriend returns, having been spurned by the slap, to throw the docs the clue that the patient's latest outburst were triggered by his deodorant can. Factoring in its heavy-duty nature and his tiny bathroom, the team decides that he had ingested enough fumes to result in seizures. He likely never needed split-brain surgery to begin with.

In a smaller C-story case, Carl Reiner (Ocean's Eleven) guest-stars as a patient pushed onto House by Cuddy. The guy squawks, which is ultimately attributed to acid reflux - before House takes notice of his belt adjustments. "That's no pot belly," House says, looking closer. "That's a tumor."

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