COMMUNITY "Comparative Religion" Review Episode 12

What did you think of tonight's episode of Community, "Comparative Religion"?

If you don't like Community than I officially hate you. Seriously, "Comparative Religion" cemented Community has my favorite show of the year. I know I keep saying this every week, but the characters just keep getting better! Here are my favorite Community quotes and moments from the "Comparative Religion" episode:

"If you are trying to be menacing maybe don't call the cookie by its name" Jeff

"That guy wasn't gay he had a mustache" Pierce

"The Lord is testing me" Shirley (when she learns she is the only Christian in the group.)

"So, why do you hate Jesus?" Shirley

"Annie knows a thing or two about guilt, am I right Jew?" Pierce

"Oh Christmas Troy, oh Christmas Troy!" Abed, Troy and Jeff

Troy's "Forest Whitaker" eye (this was so funny I had to play it back and watch it several times)

Pierce and Troy had their strongest episode of the Season.

Abed was great as usually but so far he hasn't been able to top the Halloween episode when he was Batman (his Batman voice was way too hysterical).

I just can't get enough of Pierce. Also, what was with him calling Abed, A-bed all episode? It was more racist than usual tonight ("A-bed go to your tent and find a chicken for him to chase"). Lol.

Shirley really showed her stuff as a great singer, "The lord! The lord!! The lord!!!". I loved her enthusiasm for Christmas and how she put Annie's Menorah in the Christmas tree.

I'm glad that Jeff passed Spanish and that Senor Chang will still be their professor next semester. His exam was so funny "True, False-o, or None of the above"?

If you are like me and need a Community fix throughout the week, check out their page on the NBC website. They have some amusing content in their "Exclusives" sections about each of the characters. My favorite (of course) is Pierce's page.

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If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now


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