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LEVERAGE ''The Gone Fishin' Job'' Review Season 3, Episode 7

Eliot and Hardison enjoy nature while the rest of the team steal them a train on The Gone Fishin' Job episode of LEVERAGE. Clancy Brown guest stars as former IRS agent Hugh Whitman who cheats people on IRS payment plans in order to fund an anti-government militia. Eliot, in desperate need of a day off and some fishing time, volunteers to take Hardison to the middle of nowhere bank where Whitman keeps his money and pose as IRS agents to spook Whitman into moving his cash. Sophie and Nate offer Brown a money laundering alternative in a fitness club investment while Parker takes a job as a debt collector in Whitman's company so she can steal his IRS list. Hardison and Eliot are almost shot by the militia but escape and run through the woods. The rest of the crew manages to steal an escape train by rerouting it, but Hardison convinces Eliot they need to stay and fight the militia because Eliot had spied (and smelled) a bomb at their camp.

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