Deleted Scene from Bacholor Pad Finale

In this short deleted scene, we're back on stage with the booted contestants in the Bachelor Pad finale. Chris Harrison asks Jonathan "The Weatherman" Novack about that first night in the house, specifically how he didn't want to see Craig McKinnon walk through the door. But by the time they got to the pie-eating contest they seemed to be almost friends. Are they friends now?

Craig: "I think we are, yeah." Jonathan: "We don't trade recipes and stuff but you know, he was civil, we were great, we shook hands." Craig said he approached Jonathan to see if they could start from scratch. Chris suggests they hug it out and in an effort to avoid a manly hug they manage to make it even more awkward. Maybe if they had a copy of Dave Good's new book "The Man Code" they'd understand how to work a bromance.

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