Sharon Osbourne: David Hasselhoff Is Crazy for Doing the Roast (VIDEO)

Sharon Osbourne has a high tolerance for crazy -- her 28 years as Ozzy's wife have no doubt helped her deal with manic, recovering-alcoholic people like former coworker David Hasselhoff.

She misses working with him on 'America's Got Talent,' she said on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (weeknights, 12:05AM ET on ABC). "My thing is, hey, whatever you do in your own time, God bless. He can snort, sniff, shoot, do whatever he wants, as long as he comes to work straight -- which he did."

But even she has her limits, and the 'Comedy Central Roast' of Hasselhoff breached them.

"Why do people do those roasts? Why why why why would anybody just be totally humiliated? He must be into S&M or something!"

In fairness, the host noted that Osbourne wasn't an innocent observer at the event: She did participate. Kimmel also shared his favorite part of the program.

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