Chelsea Handler's Guest Lies, Then Accuses Her of Having Really Ugly Feet (VIDEO)

We ran into some controversy on multiple fronts during 'Chelsea Lately' (weeknights, 11PM ET on E!). First, there were some lies and deception. Then, there was a discussion of Chelsea's potentially disgusting "club feet." Oh man. Things are getting a little out of hand here.

Comedian Jo Koy was one of the guests, and he was promoting his latest comedy show. But out of vanity, silliness, or just plain weirdness, Jo pretended that his show was sold out. Then it turned out that his show wasn't sold out. Chelsea Handler was mildly peeved by this. "YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR," she said to Jo. "YOU LIE ... ALL THE TIME."

Next, Chelsea pointed out a minor logical flaw in Jo's whole "my act is sold out" position. Why would he even bother to promote his show, if all the tickets had been bought already? Good point. ... Doesn't make sense, right? And Jo didn't have much of a response to that.

Instead, he tried to distract attention from his crime by bringing up the topic of Chelsea's "horrendous" feet. Jo said that she was lying to her fans ... by never revealing how disgusting her feet actually are.

Unfortunately, Chelsea remained hidden behind her desk the whole time. So the issue of her very gross feet may remain forever unresolved.

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