Singer Ted Nugent Doesn't Do Drugs; He's Just Crazy (VIDEO)

Rocker, hunter, and conservative political activist Ted Nugent appeared on the new 'Lopez Tonight' (weeknights, 11PM ET on TBS). While he was on the show, "The Nuge" took some time out to advocate for his strong anti-drug stance. Nugent said that he never did drugs and that he doesn't want to ever do them.*

Cool. But luckily, or unluckily, the singer managed to sound plenty insane without taking any controlled substances.

During his interview with George Lopez, Nugent screamed, cursed, repeated the same phrases over and over, and gave the camera the finger. Neat! " ... You sound like you're on drugs!" host Lopez said.

But fortunately for us, he's not. Because if this is what he's like sober, then it's terrifying to imagine what a drugged-up Nugent would be like.

Following his interview, Ted performed a song. During that performance, he wore an Indian headdress and shot a flashing light-up arrow at a guitar. But again; no drugs for Nugent. He's just a wacko.

(*Special bonus info: However, there is a little controversy about Ted's drug use. In one interview, he admitted to purposefully doing drugs in order to get out of the draft for the Vietnam War. In a different interview, he denied doing this. However, one thing is clear. Ted Nugent -- gun lover, staunch conservative, and hardcore supporter of the Iraq War -- avoided the draft when it was his time to go fight. So; there's that. Just throwing that out there.)

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