'Project Runway' - 'Hats Off to You' Recap Season 8, Episode 4

We continue this episode of 'Project Runway' right where we left off the last episode. Ivy is on the floor and is sent to the hospital. After all the hoopla, Ivy claims it was just dehydration. I'm sure that the combination of cigarettes, diet coke, stress and hours of sniffing hot glue was probably the culprit.

The designers are given a very interesting challenge to design a dress to go along with Philip Treacy designed hats. Interestingly, the designers stay loyal to their models instead of picking a cool hat; this mostly because Kristin was last pick and no one wanted Peach's model Ife -- even though she had one of the most dramatic hats, she came off a bit sharp. The designers were given the stereotypical one day, $150 and the chance for immunity.

We have some odd editing in this episode. In the first scene before the commercials Kristin worried about her whole outfit and her idea because her hat was very obvious (it was an orchid) and it looked like a big vagina. First woolly balls, now a big vagina and spanking? Kristin made for good sexual innuendo. Suddenly, after the first commercial, Kristin manages to remember her own wedding with flowers in her hair and finds direction. Similarly, Michael C. clearly knew he was going in the wrong direction and after Tim's critique and a well-timed commercial break, he was ready and sewing. You knew that with the editing, one person was in, the other was out.

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