'Burn Notice' - 'Blind Spot' Recap Season 4,. Episode 11

In the penultimate episode of the summer season, you probably anticipated that 'Burn Notice' would be coming to a big climax. It seemed to me after last week that the cliffhanger would be all about Robert Patrick's character, John Barrett, and his part in the larger Simon/Vaughn/Management story line. However, that wasn't the build up. If you were picking up on the signals Madeline was sending out, though, you guessed that it was all about Jesse.

Barrett is a telecommunications giant, not a paramilitary big wig, but he's still a merchant of death. Jesse and Michael teamed up to sell Barrett the code book -- Simon's bible -- presenting themselves as two burned spies.

So, while they were still on the same side, Michael and Jesse set a booby trap for Barrett's men. They told him, "The bible is here in Miami," and like Pavlov's dog, Barrett sent someone to retrieve it. Good luck getting into the steel drum with the defibrillator. By the time the trap was sprung and Barrett collected the bread crumbs, his appearance in Miami to meet Michael and Jesse was backburnered for a much more serious story line.

Fiona's client, Emily, had been ripped off by a British womanizer named Charles. It was a Sam Axe kind of case, with Sam using his Chuck Finley persona to suck up to Charles.

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