Preview of NYC Prep, Episode 4: "The Virgin Talk"

It seems that things are getting just a little bit more intriguing on NYC Prep as the show puts the spotlight on Taylor, Sebastian and Cole. While there's nothing really special about the love triangle, Taylor's choice remains to be the burning question that lingers on viewers' mind each time they watch this docu-drama.

When we last saw NYC Prep, our Upper East Siders celebrated Winter Break. Jessie went to Florida for vacation but couldn't stop thinking about PC, who was partying around in Cancun, Mexico. At the same time, Kelli went to the Hamptons to mourn a death, while Camille and Taylor stayed in the City. Cole, on the other hand, surprised Taylor after the holidays at her public school, and pressured her to make a decision.

Viewers initially thought that Sebastian was going to be the show's resident heartbreaker but it appears that things have taken an unexpected turn. In tonight's episode called "The Virgin Talk," Taylor finally makes a crucial decision in choosing between Cole and Sebastian. Moreover, Camille decides that it's time to improve her social life by dating. She then presides over a dinner party that's filled with drama, specifically revolving around PC, whose charm may be fading too fast.

Meanwhile, NYC Prep producer Lenid Rolov has decided to break his silence over the show's bad publicity.

"I'm not really sure what to make of the reaction from the schools, parents, and press. The show has certainly hit a nerve and it feels good that people are watching and talking. I guess it would be nice for the articles to mention that these kids are also running charities that raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, are landing coveted internships, and are pursuing their dreams of attending Ivy Leagues and beyond. All this while dealing with the same pressures from friends and parents that all high school kids face. I am honestly extremely proud of the way the cast has been handling themselves since the show started airing and hope they continue to have fun and enjoy the ride," he wrote on his blog on Bravo.

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